Friday, February 24, 2012

Hipsters and Pretties

I recently returned from the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Gathering in New Orleans. As a "Gathering Coach" (sucker), I had to go a few days early for a training on training. Also - we were doing some planning for the youth gathering. For these first three days, all of our meals were taken care of at the hotel. I was standing in line one night to eat, and a person I have not seen in quite a while came up behind me. I wouldn't say that we were ever close friends, but we knew eachother. After a few minutes of awkwardly waiting for her to acknowledge who I am, I finally said hi. She looked up, then suddenly said "you used to be so preppy!" Ah, the power of a hair style. That and I was wearing a long sleve t-shirt with a twins t over it. When I did know her, I had short hair that kind of spiked up in front. That and I wore a lot of polo shirts. Two nights later I went out with a few friends. I was standing there listening to some people, and this gal looked up at me and said "so, your trying to be all hipster. I'm not really a fan of the hipster look, but I do like He-Man, so I'm trying to figure out if I like your shirt or not". A few of my friends even began referring to me as Sheldon. (If you don't get the reference you NEED to begin watching the Big Bang Theory)

For the past, oh, 6 months I have been getting a lot of flack for my hair style. I recall coming home one day and my mother-in-law was at my house. I told her, "Audrey, I got a hair cut today". She just said, "no you didn't". I said "yes". She just made some type of noise and continued with whatever she was doing. My new Senior pastor and I were having a conversation about our congregation. He suddenly turned to me and said "It's kind of like your hair. 1/3 hate it, 1/3 like it, and 1/3 don't care."

This past weekend a couple of mom's from my church asked if I wanted to wear a pretty. I found out this is a barrett. In fact, last night after Ash Wed. I received a text asking me if the pastor had to put a pretty in my hair prior to putting the ashes on my forehead.

Last summer I even purchased a pair of chuck taylors to wear. Why? I didn't really plan on buying any. I hadn't owened a pair since high school. I just happened to walk into a shoe store, found a pair and bought them. In addition to being mad fun of as these have now become my church shoes, the young lady who sold me the shoes also explained that I needed to wear socks that you couldn't really see. She had a tattoo and several piercings, so I wasn't going to disagree as she obviously was much cooler than I. Of course, when I asked her if they would look ok on me, she said "my mom has a pair, so you'll be just fine."

My new "look" didn't happen because of some great scheme, instead it's been a process over the past year. Last week, my wife turned to me and asked what I had going on. It was a Monday and I was wearing a pair of Khakis. Honestly? The previous Friday I didn't have any longs sleve t-shrits clean, so I went and ironed a few shirts. So, when I got up Monday, I had a couple of shirts ironed, so i put one on.

In Bible study this morning, we talked about peer preasure. We discussed wearing or doing things just to please other people or to fit in. I can't really say I have ever really "fit in". Whether it be at camp wearing my awesome and comfortable (but highly in-approrpiate) shorts, not dressing up at church, or even refusing to cut my hair.

In less than an hour, I will be getting my hair cut. The main reason? I am having trouble seeing out of my right eye as the hair is too long and I refuse to wear a pretty in public. I want it made clear right now, that it is in no way getting cut because of pressure to do so. Of course....if the question were asked whether I was refusing to cut it b/c people thought I should? Well...

A few quick notes
  •  I am giving up soda (not pop) for lent
  • I am proud of Luke. He went through his lunch schedule for lent and is eating peanut butter once each week instead of his favorite meal at school
  • Pitchers and Catchers have reported. Twins have a legit shot at winning a very week Central division
  • The David Crowder Band is no longer together. They are by far my favorite Christian group and I am going to miss them making new music.

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  1. Of all the people to discuss "keeping up appearances"...

    Go get a buzz cut, because your hair should not bring up ANY discussion, 1/3rds or otherwise.

    Go get some real shoes with arch support, give up, you're OLD and comfort should come before "looks".

    And, if you need a new computer, functionality and price should come before brand.

    Now that I berated you, do you have lunch plans?