Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friends, Followers, and the weird world of Pintrest

I don't get it. I recently got invited (after some begging) to Pintrest. It is cluttered, confusing, and I have no idea how to find anything. There are just a bunch of pictures of things ranging from board games to pictures of star wars. It wouldn't be so bad, but I have no idea how it is organized or what I am supposed to do. As a person who lives his life in confusion, this seems to go beyond anything I can handle. How people spend hours upon hours doing it, I will never understand.
When I first logged in, it asked who I wanted to follow. Before I knew it, not only was I following people who are my facebook friends, but I found myself following people I didn't know because I like baseball. I un-followed them immediately just seemed weird. And they had some really weird things "pinned". I keep getting notices that "so and so is now following you on Pintrest". I assume some notice was sent to my fb friends telling them I was on there.

It was probably un-necessary for me to join Pintrest. Between my blog, facebook, and twitter, I probably have enough ways to share what I am thinking, doing, etc. While it would seem there are plenty of ways to do such a thing, there are plenty still left out there. I'm not on foursquare, linkden, or google + (ok, I did get an account, but I really don't get it).

All of this does bring up an interesting question. What does it mean to be a follower? During a week when we are talking about following Jesus to the cross and the tomb, how do we differentiate our understanding of what it means to be a follower today vs. 2012 years ago. I can follow somebody sitting at Magpie. I can be a friend to somebody that I haven't talked for several years and probably won't have a face to face conversation with for another 10 years. So if I am sitting in a congregation and a pastor talks about following Jesus, what is s/he talking about? When we "churchy" folk talk about following Jesus, we mean living a life of service. We mean caring for our neighbor. We mean telling people about how Jesus death and resurrection changes the way we care for and treat other people. Anywhere else in the world, it means clicking a button and receiving an invitation to help somebody with their virtual garden.

Anyway, for a long time I tried to figure out how I can be with the "in" group and get on Pintrest. Now that I am there, I don't get it. It hasn't changed my life. It hasn't given me meaning. It hasn't made all of my dreams come true.

Anyway, as I continue on my journey with Pintrest, please keep me in your prayers.


A few other quick tidbits..
  • The Easter breakfast I usually do has been hijacked by a few parents. I will admit I feel a bit slackerish, but also very relieved.
  • Opening day is Good Friday. I stay home and listen to the Twins game or attend worship? This may very well be the lone game this season when they are in first place.
  • I loved our contemporary service on Palm Sunday. Between the music, message, etc., it all flowed extremely well and it was awesome. 
  • My mom tore her hamstring. The "how" isn't important. What I should do, however, is record how "nurturing" my dad is with her and show it to my wife so she better understands why I am how I am. (For example, him trying to explain to her that she should sit up and move around a little bit and how that would help her feel better).

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