Monday, April 8, 2013


My son Luke and I have been watching the Bible the past several weeks. During this time, I have also been reading different articles and blogs about the show. Here are a few things I find interesting.

1) The "Biblical Literalists" seem to be loving it, although it isn't necessarily word for word by the book.
2) Progressive Christians seem to be having issues with it because it is not necessarily Biblically literal.
3) People are complaining about the English accents all the characters seem to have. I assume they did this after seeing the success Les Miserables had at the box office, having people in France speaking with English accents.

As far as my take, it has been fun to watch it with Luke. Every once in a while we will pause it and talk about what is going on, or why certain things are happening. I will also pause it to make sure he is ok (he kind of freaked out with the whole "Isaac and Abraham thing". I don't think he will want to go backpacking to the mountains anytime soon). He is not going to remember word for word what they said, but it has been giving him an idea of some of the stories and what happened and creating good discussion.

Other things...

  • I took Luke to opening day at Target Field. I used it as my high at youth group last night and it was explained to me that anyone who has Twitter and FB already knew this and how I shouldn't be using hashtags in my FB posts and should save them for Twitter only. I tried explaining that my tweets are sent to FB, but they didn't care. Our Associate Pastor tried to back me up, but they didn't really care.
  • The same week I saw opening day and it was AWESOME, I went to the dentist. Ugh. I hate it. I'm sure dentists are fine people, but I really, really, really, really dislike going there. Up until Friday morning, I had been having a good week.
  • The past few years, I have had hopes the Twins were going to be better than they actually were. This year, I had no hope they would be any good. I might be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. They've played good ball and might not be as terrible as the Cubs.
  • I am declaring right now that we officially have the nerdiest staff in the ELCA. With the addition of our tea-loving Associate Pastor, we are all geeked out.
  • Speaking of our new pastor, I lost to her in week 1 of my fantasy baseball league. I'm a bit bitter about this. Why? She had Kevin Youkilis starting at 3rd. Seriously. Terrible. I always get upset in my fantasy leagues when I see people give up at the beginning of the season. I might be that person this year.
  • At our 9th-12th grade youth group last night we got to play frisbee outside. It was sooo nice to be able to spend some time outside running around. Ok - I didn't so much "run" as "slowly jog". You get the idea.
  • My sabbatical starts in two months. I'm starting to get a little nervous/excited about it.
  • During set up and clean up of our Easter breakfast, students would bring me different things (fake trees, play doe, etc) and ask me where to move them. I told them to shove them in our SS superintendents office. I'm not sure she whether or not she is still talking to me.
  • Speaking of Easter, if anyone wants to help me resurrect my office, that would be fine. I'm pretty sure at this point, my office getting re-organized would be similar to Jesus raising on Easter. 
Video of the week
I love his beard...I wish I could grow one.

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  1. Maybe if you didn't have so many Twins on your Fantasy Baseball Team, you would have a better chance competing against your nerdy co-workers; and could tweet messages about The Bible instead of slow jogs to the dentist... Now that's rambling.