Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter is coming...

Ok, as some of you may know, I am a very big Twins fan.  In fact, going in to this season, I had very high hopes.  Alas, in a week of games, they currently have 2 wins and are currently getting walloped by the Evil Empire.

Along those same lines, we are in the midst of lent, and it feels similar.  Granted, lent is supposed to be non-joyous time..you know, giving up stuff, not able to say alle...ia, etc.  For me, it usually means having to send out emails and phone calls begging people to make soup, serve soup, clean up soup, etc.  Its part of my job that I really don't look forward too.  Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy the actual time visiting and serving with students and parents.  Its a great time for me to get to know people, and I really enjoy it.  What is not enjoyable is hearing from people how busy they are and how they don't have time to help.  Its not that I don't understand, its more just a frustration.  I don't get angry at anyone, it just creates more of a hassel and I feel as though I have to beg to get people to be here.

A little bit ago, I received an email from a couple of parents informing me that both of their boys have to work tomorrow night, but they would be here to help serve soup.  Is this a big deal?  Well, yes and no.  Now, I am not a part of a country club, nor do I see myself joining one. However, what I do know is that the first men's night is sort of a big deal. Typically, it has to be something pretty important for somebody to skip it. The dad from above is part of a country club, and will be here instead, serving and cleaning up soup.  I know him, and to be honest, I know it is not a huge deal for him that he is doing this, but it is to me.

Right now, in all honesty, I am sitting here thinking that Easter is coming. In our darkness, there is hope. The dad is making more than just a statement of "I want to be helpful", but rather he is also making a statement to his sons that his church, his faith, is important enough that he will prioritize it over other things in his life.

Anyway, no, the Twins season isn't over after 6 games.  Soup suppers will finish at some point and time.  And in a few weeks, we will have a chance to celebrate the resurrection.  There is hope...

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  1. Please shorten these posts, I am too busy to dedicate so much time to reading them... I have Drudge Report, Fox News, Facebook, etc. to review; and as you said it's all about priorities! (Sarcasm intended!)