Friday, April 22, 2011

It's late...

OK - its about midnight and I should probably be asleep. The reality is, whenever I have a lot going on at work, I tend to have difficulty sleeping as I tend to over analyze and get a wee bit paniced.  Anyway, all that means is I am currently awake, and had some thoughts I probably shouldn't write, but will anyway.

I dislike Marcus Borg. OK - that's not true, I don't know him. The reality is, I'm sure he is a fine person. I think he probably cares about people, etc. Where does my dislike come from? Honestly, from my perspective, he comes off as being Christian. In fact, that is how he presents himself. Ok, your right, who am I to judge who believes in Jesus and who doesn't. But that is the problem. I read some of his stuff and watched him on youtube, and from what I can tell, he is no Christian. Here I am, preparing for what I believe is the most important day of the Christian year (Easter) and Mr. Borg is telling Christians that you can be a Christian without believing in an actual resurrection (I'm pretty sure he doesn't). I'm not referring to having doubt. What Borg talks about is the idea that Christianity is not centered around the death and resurection of Jesus. Ugh. As Christians, that is where we are centered. All Christian churches, while we disagree on things such as sexuality issues, communion, baptism, etc., we come together when it comes to the Apostles Creed. Not to mention the fact that Paul thought it was a big deal.

If somebody doesn't want to believe in the resurrection, that is fine, don't. But please, oh please, be careful to willy nilly change the meaning of what the word Christian means. If Jesus wasn't divine and you want to focus soley on His teachings, fine, do so.... but come up w/ a different name for your religion.

As I was leaving church tonight, I began to walk by a lady. She said "where are you coming from?" Being the friendly guy I am, I said, "oh, it's Good Friday, and church just finished." She said "I KNOW what day it is..back in my day, all the churches had church together." Me - "yea, but it just doesn't work well anymore, so we do it seperately." Her - "Church looked really black tonight." (BTW - she wasn't there, she was just walking by on the street as we were finishing).  I said "What?" Her - "You heard me.". I kept walking.


Hey - but on the other hand, I am really excited about Easter, so that's good, right? When I say excited, I mean nervous, horrified, etc. Our worship band w/ a few youth, is playing at the 6:30 a.m. service. Other students are doing a drama. It should be really cool. I'm excited.

Anyway, I'll probably have to edit this post later, but I'll put it up for now. Have a great night!

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