Thursday, May 19, 2011

There will still be church...

As you may or may not know, the Rapture will be happening this Saturday. The good (?) news is that both of my pastors have told me if the Rapture does occur, that I will be leading worship Sunday morning...( kind of hurt)

I had a dog, Marty who passed away several years ago. Marty was..umm..special. My wife probably wouldn't have worried about this for him, but if you love your pet, you should probably look into this...


I have been reading (sort of...when I say "reading", I mean I started a book a few weeks ago and read a few pages since that first day) titled Love Wins by Rob Bell. I really like what I have read so far. It happens to be in stark contrast to a billboard I saw on the way home from Fargo (that's another story, I have to figure out if my wife is reading this or not before I talk about the trip) that had flames on it talking about the Rapture. What is bothering me is the ease that some groups have when talking about Jesus. All it ends up being is a "turn or burn" type deal. Really? That is the arguement for people to follow and become disciples of Jesus? No, excuse me...the billboard wasn't arguing that we should follow and become disciples, it was a "HEY! If you don't want to be damned, do this quick!"

I don't in anyway want to minimize Jesus death and ressurection (I think I made that clear) but at the same time, I want people to understand that there is so much more to this faith that who is in and who is out. That is what I really am liking so far about Bell's book. Plus, lets be clear, that is not our job to decide, it's God's choice.

Anyway, I am looking at real students and parents who are really struggling with a wide range of issues who need to know, that no matter what they are cared for. They also need help where they are. More than just a "Jesus loves you". They need real help from real people.

Anyway, something I have been thinking about lately. I'm leaving it here as I have a meeting to figure out a design for a new sign for the church....yea...not exactly in my job description...but hey, if it helps people hear about what is happening here, I suppose it is a good thing.

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