Monday, October 31, 2011

A new beginning

Change and transition. Both of these things easily raise up my anxiety level.

That being said, I LOVE change. Thanks to my non-diagnosed ADHD, I need to be working and doing several things at once. Yes, this makes it difficulut to actually finish things (I have several blog posts that I have started, but never actually finished).

Anyway, there comes a time when new leadership is needed. This isn't necessarily because the old was "bad" or not working, but it keeps things fresh, and for me, keeps it interesting. When I first heard about a "new person" being in charge, I was genuinly excited. I couldn't wait. I will admit, when I looked at his age, I got a little nervous. The reality is the person he is taking over has a lot more experience, knew the "system" better, and so was assumed to be a better fit. There were several other issues. What kind of experience did this person have and how is it going to work here? The person had never really been the go to guy at an organization as large as this one. How would they handle the spot light? Everyone and their mother would be watching closely to see how he would handle different situations. Lots of people (including myself) had a "set age" or "set amount of experience" that we wanted the new leader to have. This person didn't necesssarily fill that quota. We had also seen other organizations close by that had gone with a person this young and watch it cause conflict.

Anyway, Let me be clear. I am excited for the future. The fact that Christian Ponder is now the leader of the Vikings excites me. Yes, he is a young qb, but he appears to have the chops for the job. To be clear, Ponder is NO Tavaris Jackson (that is a good thing). I think it is great that McNabb is still around to help him out. They seemed to have transitioned well with giving control of the team to Ponder, but yet to have McNabb there to help out where needed and to share his experience and expertise with Ponder. So far, it is off to a great start. It is wonderful to see the team rally around Ponder and to watch how much better he makes the rest of the team.

While I won't say "super bowl" yet, I think the team did a great job is bringing in the right leader at the right time.


  1. I had to skip ahead to find out what you were referencing. (President, new Pastor, etc.) Then I saw that it had to do with the Vikings, so I didn't even need to read the rest of the article.