Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eh...this isn't great, but I need to try to get back in the habit...

I had tried to tell myself that I would begin regular blogging this fall. This has not happened. While I would like to blame it on a busy schedule, it is more a case of laziness than anything else. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I am going to cram a few thoughts into this one post...but first....

Ok, when I was a kid, I was huge into wrestling. Yes, I even was able to go to an event in 7th grade to watch Demolition wrestle 1/2 of the Rockers (Marty Genety). Demolition had earlier injured Shawn, so only Genety could wrestle. I recently became FB friends with a guy from college who I hadn't talked to or seen in a out 11 years. We were part of the same Faith Alive group at Wartburg. He and I actually led an entire Faith alive meeting, basing it on wrestling with video clips, Bible passages, etc. It was quite impressive.

Now that I have streaming netflix, I find myself looking for things to watch. Within the last 2 months I have now watched 2 documentaries about wresting. One focused on Brett Hart, the other on was a more general wrestling documentary, with a slight focus on Jake Roberts. Both were sad. Not in the "I'm going to cry", but rather in the "oh, that is just sad" style of sadness. I loved Jake the snake growing up. Other than George the Animal Steal, he was my favorite. I also recall jake being  big into the whole "Jesus" thing. He would talk about it after a match and I even recall him speaking on one of those "Jesus Channel Shows".  To see a guy who was uber popular now living a life out of his car, addicted to drugs, and no significant relationships in his life, I felt pity on him. The Wrester is an awesome movie which appears to chronical the real life of Jake Roberts. Contrast Jake Roberts with Brett Hart. In his documentary, he talks of the significance of his relationship with his brothers and father. In the documentary he even knocks out Vince McMahon (its actually real, not fake). It seems very apparent that because of the relationship he has with his family, he is much more grounded than some of his peers.

I had a young gal ask me a couple of weeks ago what God wants from us. Well, I said, God wants us to be  in relationship with Him. Once that starts to happen, other things fall into place. When I say "fall into place" I do not mean life is hunky dory, I mean, the way we treat others, how we care for others, etc. does fall into place. We were created for relationships. No matter ones financial or success status, if we don't have some type of close relationships, we feel lost and alone. That is (I believe) a big reason Jesus came to us. God wants to know us and for us to know God. As a parent, sure I want my kid to be successful. Yes, I want them to do well. More than anything else, I want to have a relationship with them. As a parent, yes, I think about what our relationship will look like in 5 years, 10 years, etc. That is how I see God. That is what God wants, and that is what we need. What does a relationship with God look like? Well, that is another post at some point and time in the future...

A few other quick notes...
  • I am excited about caucusing in a few weeks, although I am still undecided as to whom I will be caucusing for (yes, I am a Republican). (I'm also hoping I used the word "whom" correctly.)
  • I am in the finals of 1 of my 4 leagues. Here's to hoping Vick has an awesome weekend!
  • I get to Christmas with family starting Dec. 24th - January 2nd. Yes, I am very excited about every minute. Really. *sigh*
Have a great Christmas!

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  1. "for whom I will be caucusing" :) or, "who I'll be caucusing for"
    Great post, and have you considered Ron Paul?? I kid, I kid... should be an interesting caucus night!